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The first step to treating colds is to have a good defense. I make sure my children are washing their hands before meals and extra during cold season Sept. I also try to keep a cleaner home during this season by changing bedding often and disinfecting surfaces that are touched frequently; any handles, phones, and the bathroom. For a cough or sore throat, I always have an over-the-counter medicine on hand for my eldest child 7 , especially if she is loosing sleep because of it. Cocoa in this new video. I feel a lot better when I know my kids are getting a good night sleep.

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For my younger kids and babies, I give them a little agave syrup and feed them cold things to help soothe their throat before bed. When they do sleep, I run a cold mist humidifier and try to elevate their head a little by propping up their mattress with a towel. For more tips on how to keep your children comfortable during cold season, visit Dr.

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Connie A mom and wife, Connie blogs about entertainment, travel, living green, products, technology, DIY home remodeling and decor, and more. Related Posts. About Us The writers at BabytoBoomer. Children need to rest when they are sick. So I wrap my boys up in their warm blankets, and let them stay on the couch.

I also like to get them some audiobooks to listen to, and relaxing music. Cocoa Long-Acting Cough Relief for my child. Sound good? Want to try it out? Thank you to Dr.

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